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The Chronic-ill part 2

March 31, 2015

Does my favorite birdcage liner dislike classical music? Judge for yourself.
On March 22, the paper ran a story about an upcoming violinist, Augustin Hadelich, written by Colin Eatock in TORONTO. Yes, in the Canadian town about a Houston Symphony concert
I don’t think that blurb was free since writing stuff like this is Mr. Eatock business. Who paid for the article?
But wait, wait there’s more. On the same weekend, HSO .performed Verdi’s Requiem, one of the really big highlights of the 2014-2015 season. How well did Mr. Orozco-Estrada do with a large scale orchestra, the full chorus and vocal soloists? This is the stuff that tells how good the music director of a symphony really is. Where was the review?

The review was was AWOL, GWTW, MIA. I guess that someone forgot to give Houston’s “newspaper” the news. It sure as hell ain’t providing classical music news in Houston.


My favorite “newspaper”

March 16, 2015

What’s on my mind? The chronic-ill. When people kept birds they would line the bottom of the cage where the birds crapped with newspaper. That’s the best use for Houston’s on-line “newspaper”.

Checking other newspapers the free ones are up to date. Not or even the pay version called The pay version has an article from 2013 which has been “updated” to December 2013. Can Houstonians cope with all this “news”? the free version gives a reader a link to what to do in Houston for mid-February. It’s mid-March now. If they’re going to publish ancient news maybe they should publish it in hieroglyphics!

It gets better later.