If Rupert Murdoch Owned a Restaurant

If Keith Rupert Murdoch Owned a Restaurant and you walked in for dinner, it would probably have a very high-priced menu. (Mr. Murdoch is a very wealthy man).

Now, if you ordered a dinner from the menu, when the bill arrived, you might find a couple of charges for things like actually eating the food, water, cutlery and probably for a napkin (hey, laundering it costs money).

Where am I heading?

Well,  Mr. Murdoch’s News Corp owns the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and I happen to be a paid subscriber to the on-line edition – there is no other on-line subscription option. For this, I get access to the Journal’s website. I also get daily email updates on Business news and Technology news. Unfortunately, much of the content in these emails are repeats of  previous articles in the emails.

To paraphrase the New York Times’ motto “All the News Fit to Print” the WSJ’s motto could be  “All the News Fit to Repeat”. I  guess that I shouldn’t expect too much, even though my subscription has doubled in price in the past couple of years.

Apparently, with money being a concern,  (Mr. Murdoch’s compensation for the year ending June 30, 2009, was just under $20,000,000 according to wsj.com) , he’s decided that there are no more free rides. (Reminds me of the old bumper sticker  “Gas, Grass or Ass, nobody rides for free”). WSJ has an app on the iTunes website. The app is free but even if one is a subscriber, starting in 2010, it’ll cost to use it. Seems like the old restaurant approach isn’t so far fetched, is it?

Maybe in 2011, Mr. Murdoch will start to charge for actually reading the content on wsj.com. Maybe he’ll even open a restaurant in Houston.


2 Responses to “If Rupert Murdoch Owned a Restaurant”

  1. Savannah Says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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