My 2 1/2 Favorite Stores in Houston

#1. The Apple Store in The Galleria.

I had to go to the store today to get my iPod Touch fixed (it died last night but Carlos fixed it and told me what to do if it happens again).  I’m always in awe about what an incredible store  it is. But, what really makes the whole experience so fantastic are the people. I can’t figure out how Apple gets a group of young people so technically skilled and so willing to be helpful, to work there. I’ll touch on this in my next blog, the 3 stores I dislike most of all.

Sitting on a stool, waiting for my appointment, watching everyone, customers and staff was a delight. For someone who only goes into a store reluctantly, I don’t want to leave the Apple store.

#2. Bering’s Hardware

I have an intense dislike of going into a hardware store, probably because I’m a total zero when it comes to being handy. But, I know that when I need something which I can only say what I need the “thingy” for, one of the salespeople always leads me to what I need and tells how to do what needs to be done. We used to live near the Westheimer store but now we’re close to the store on Bissonnet.  The two stores are both equal in great service. If there is a weak spot it’s the check out area. Sometimes it’s a great cashier. Sometimes it’s an indifferent cashier.

#2 1/2. Fry’s Electronics on 59S

When I get to Fry’s the first thing is the ease of handicap parking. To me, it’s the best in Houston. The selection is awesome. I’ve never gone there for something and not found a selection of what I’m looking for.

So, what makes Fry’s a 1/2, instead of a whole. Two things: First, Fry’s operation is set up for the convenience of Fry’s, not customers. I think that they do more paper work on a transaction than the government does.  Second, if you need help, you have to find it. The secret is to find a group of people standing around talking. I’ve found that if  I stand patiently,  someone will interrupt the conversation and tell you where to find what you’re looking for. Then, you’re on your own.

A process that would take about a minute at Bering’s takes 5 – 10 minutes at Fry’s. But, Fry’s is Nirvana for an electronics junkie like me


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