Is Apple Really Smarter than Microsoft?

I’m beginning to have some doubts.

Apple, when it released version 3 of it’s iPod touch software finally allowed syncing withMicrosoft Notes; that was a major step forward.  In Microsoft’s Outlook,  Notes are filed alphabetically. BUT, in Apple’s infinite wisdom, it decided to sync Notes by entry date instead of alphabetically.  That’s like the phone company publishing a telephone directory by the date of service instead of by name. Imagine how chaotic that would be.

Now, with the release of v3.1, the  mess that was my desktop(s) on my iPod touch was supposed to synced by name. The only improvement that I can find is that now, I can do what I used to have to do – drag the app icons on my laptop as well as on my iPod touch. This is progress? With Microsoft, I can sort my desktop icons with just a click. Why can’t there be a simple solution?

So, is Apple that smart? I have some doubts.


2 Responses to “Is Apple Really Smarter than Microsoft?”

  1. J242 Says:

    Seriously? Why not blame Microsoft for “Not allowing Quicktime files to play in WMP”? Well, the answer is the same for both. Licensing. Apple could not sync w/ MS notes because they didn’t have the licensing to do so, just like MS didn’t have the licensing to support .mov playback in WMP until Windows 7.

    As for arranging your icons on your touch, you can do that manually, through iTunes 9, or by downloading a free app that can do it all for you. Apple did this because you’re supposed to do everything by pressing on the screen. Notice how there’s no right-click or “confusing menus” or anything?

    Rocket science, this aint… Sounds to me like you just don’t work in the technology sector or have much experience with it…

    • eli77025 Says:

      You’re right! I don’t work in the technology sector and no, I’ve only been using a computer for 20 years., but, I don’t have to be a mechanic to drive a car or to know if there are some problems.

      Apple does sync with Microsoft Outlook Notes, just as they do with Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts. Neither of the latter two are synced by entry date. Why can’t Notes be synced by alpha instead of by entry date?

      You mentioned an app to sort my desktop icons. Please, what is the app?

      Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’m a work in progress, still a beta.

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