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Is TiVo for Real?

September 15, 2009

I sent a letter to TiVo’s CEO because they wanted to charge me about $29 for something that was supposed  to be free.

This is the response I received:

“Hi, Good afternoon, This is Jeff calling from T those advanced customer service department for you liked a server, calling in reference to a letter that we received our corporate office regarding the people desktop. I apologize for any confusion. The people desktop itself as our free applications. However, the people desktop last, which should be able to do additional a things with the desktop application is additional charges 2025. So if that was confused regarding how to do apologize if you can call people will be happy to explain that to you. Our number is (877) 367-8486 and please refer to Reference Number, 090914 Dash, 003736 I was happy to give you the differences between Jeffrey version. The and the first to check in. 204-9054. Thank you so much for choosing people sir and have a wonderful day.”
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Is TiVo for real?


Is Apple Really Smarter than Microsoft?

September 11, 2009

I’m beginning to have some doubts.

Apple, when it released version 3 of it’s iPod touch software finally allowed syncing withMicrosoft Notes; that was a major step forward.  In Microsoft’s Outlook,  Notes are filed alphabetically. BUT, in Apple’s infinite wisdom, it decided to sync Notes by entry date instead of alphabetically.  That’s like the phone company publishing a telephone directory by the date of service instead of by name. Imagine how chaotic that would be.

Now, with the release of v3.1, the  mess that was my desktop(s) on my iPod touch was supposed to synced by name. The only improvement that I can find is that now, I can do what I used to have to do – drag the app icons on my laptop as well as on my iPod touch. This is progress? With Microsoft, I can sort my desktop icons with just a click. Why can’t there be a simple solution?

So, is Apple that smart? I have some doubts.


September 6, 2009

For my birthday in June, one of our daughters gets me a socially conscious gift. One year I “adopted” a penguin (my favorite pet) through the World Wildlife Federation.  This year it was a $50 gift certificate to Kiva; big deal, I thought, I can’t even spend it on myself. Yet, I had more fun with it than almost any birthday present I’ve received.

Kiva is a micro-loan agency. I was able to go through the website and see many of the people in third world countries who wanted to borrow money for a business. Most of them needed $500-600, which builds up through loans like mine. The minimum I could loan to anyone was $25. Rather than spend it all at once,I picked two people, a lady in one of the “‘stans” (think Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan) who wants to expand her vegetable stand business; the other went to a lady to buy more inventory for her perfume store in Togo.

I just received my first payment report and eventually I’ll have enough money to make another loan to someone else. The loans are repaid in installments over a year.

What a great feeling this is!

Check out if you want to feel good!