Ode to an Unknown Driver

We used to live in Canada and it is a pedestrian friendly country. Everybody, but everybody, stops for pedestrians in a crosswalk.  I often think that if the cops were chasing  a car, both cars would stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. The fine is around $200 for failing to stop.

Surprisingly, it’s the law here in Texas too, Section 552.003 of the Texas Transportation Code .

I often cross at the marked pedestrian crossing at N Braeswood and Arbor Glen to catch  the bus. Imagine my surprise this morning when a driver actually stopped to let me finish crossing the road.  I was so surprised that I almost forgot to cross the street; its never happened before!

So, to the lady who  stopped to let me cross, A GREAT BIG THANK YOU


One Response to “Ode to an Unknown Driver”

  1. eileenweisman Says:

    When we moved to Housto in 1971 from the east coast, I had someone get out of their car while I was waiting for his parking spot. He just wanted me to know that the spot was mine!

    Coming from the east coast with minimal patience and a real “rush” if I found a good parking spot, I tried not to be annoyed by this genteel man, but tried hard to embrace this new southern hospitality!

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